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Volta Region Needs A lifestyle Radio To Further Push Showbiz Agenda


Volta Region, touted as the longest region in the country until plans for Oti Region. It is a region that houses almost a part of every tribe in the country but dominated by the Ewes. Even as it is a mixture of tribes, the people are so welcoming and peace loving. Let’s talk about food in another write up.
Volta is one of the regions to have experienced FM radio proliferation in the late 90’s when Volta Star radio (VSR) was outdoored even as Volta Premier FM was in existence. This was because Volta Star Radio’s transmission covered the entire region. The people loved, and has from that time cherished the role of radio stations. Fast forward to present day, the region can boast of more than fifty (50) FM radio stations situated in almost every district with the regional capital hosting ten (10) and still counting. Now these radios have provided jobs to a lot of people.
Volta region just like any other region in the country has a lot of talents ready to be unearthed. It is undebatable that radio plays a pivotal role in the growth of entertainment. The entertainment scene in the region has seen quite a remarkable growth as Dj’s and radio presenters gave enough play time to local songs. Another elevation was the inception of a music award scheme, Volta Music Awards.

The call for a speedy growth by some industry players suggest to the fact that the region will need a specialized (lifestyle)radio formats to go serve as a cation. All these fifty plus (50+) radio stations seem to be doing the same general radio format. Morning shows are a cacophony of politics with NPP and NDC holding center stage while social issues play the next topic. In the evenings one should expect herbal medicine practitioners (Doctors) and Men of God (pastors) assemble on every one of them. The radio scene in the region for the past twenty years haven’t tasted variety.
One can’t fathom if this same styled radio format is the taste of the people or radio owners fear venturing into a full time entertainment oriented radio format.
When will the people of Volta experience a radio morning show devoid of NDC, NPP politics, not as if it fetches a lot of money. There are radio stations in the national capital doing specialized radio formats and are doing business. Can’t same be done down here?

Will we ever wake up and listen to a solely radio program that talks about the development of music, fashion, tourism, theater and movie in the region?
If variety is indeed a big part of life then the people of Volta Region deserves more than what is being served.
May be its time radio station owners know there’s another aspect of radio that can speed up the development of entertainment, an income generating venture.
Volta region patiently waits the birth of a lifestyle radio station dedicated to the development of entertainment.

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