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T-Pain Dubs Soulja Boy The "GOAT."


Soulja Boy’s made a great case over the past two months as to why he’s one of the greatest to ever do it.
The rapper pulled out receipts proving that he’s influenced pretty much every major rapper in the game right now, even going as far to say that he’s the reason why Kanye’s ego is as large as it is today. However, the rapper’s claim seemed empty to many until other artists came out to vouch for him. Now, T-Pain has come through to back-up the claim that Soulja Boy is the GOAT of the rap game.

Speaking on Big Boy’s neighborhood, T-Pain made a bold claim that’s bound to upset a few hip-hop purists by putting Soulja Boy at the top of the ranks. T-Pain, who remixed Young Drako’s “Speakers Going hammer” remix, claimed that Soulja Boy was one of the greatest to ever do it but he feels the rapper needs to solidify this with some new music.

Soulja Boy is the greatest artist of all time,” he said. “All I want for Soulja Boy is for all what he’s doing and everything that he’s doing is to come with some music to back it up.”
Pain’s feelings about the SouljaConsole wasn’t on par with his feelings towards Soulja’s music. However, Soulja Boy seemed to overlook that. He reposted the clip to Instagram with the caption, “Y’all heard the man.”

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