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Edem And Snappy`s High School Tour: A Lesson To All Product Ambassadors – Sammy Flex


I am not sure the Tourism minister was fired because she employed the services of several tourism ambassadors who were made redundant in that position for more than a year. I can also say on authority that, every ambassador who does not show in deeds their contribution to the organization they are signed to feels “useless” especially when they have plans to execute them whether profits are to be made or not.

In recent times, Edem aka the “Toto Killer” (according to his wife) has proven to be an ambassador worthy of all the investment put in him. I remember somewhere in 2018 when he joined me in the studio of Zylofon 102.1Fm on Showbiz Agenda and dropped hints about his High school tour with FoodTec limited, producers of Snappy Snacks Pea Nuts. Honestly, i heard that as one of those things because several of them and i mean a great number of celebrities had told us about projects that never saw the light of day so as usual, i nodded my head to him because at the time we were talking heavily about Edem Fest which i knew was a reality.
Few months down the lane and i saw snippets of videos on the timeline of Edem on Facebook and other platforms that the promise has become a reality with huge numbers and high level of excitement among high school students. It was the birth of what Edem hashtags #SNAPPYONTHEGOHIGHSKULLTOUR (Snappy on the go high school tour). This is a stop over at different high schools in the various regions of Ghana where Edem performs for these young ones obviously for free, gives them the opportunity to taste the Snappy Snack through giveaways, giving the students Pep Talks about life and interacting with them in other ways including photo opportunities.

The product is also enjoying a serious and a massive activation moment. I have not yet been part of any of these tours but the videos i have seen so far are clear that all stops have been very successful. My records tell me Edem and his FoodTec team have already visited Konongo Senior High School, Tema Senior High School aka Temasco, Nasec at Kasoa and Swedru Senior High School aka Swesco. Comments coming from other students on social media means that Edem can`t finish this soon so dude should just macho up for the additional six regions too.

Several Benefits will come out of this tour for both Edem and his sponsors FoodTec, producers of Snappy Snack. The students will now associate with Snappy Snacks above all the other competing brands on the market because anytime they come across the product, what they will see first will be the excitement Edem gave them on campus (brand visibility). Again, this is also going to boost the fan base of Edem among these students after giving them hours of his back to back hits as i saw the students singing word to word some of his songs.
On this note, i would want to congratulate Edem and his team especially one Masoo (manager), with much regards to FoodTec of Snappy Snack fame. Guys, i want to urge you to break this record as you enter into history books as the longest running high school tour embarked by a musician in Ghana. FoodTec please increase the budget if it`s not enough, because you have no idea what this means to your product.

Meanwhile, this should also challenge other ambassadors to do exploits to support the marketing of the products they have been signed to market. Time no dey so let`s do something before we die… Go Geddem…
Credit: Sammyflex.com

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