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Queen Eyram Gets Deal With PUB Records


The Helloadipa Volta Music Awards 2019 main event was a low and a high moment for some artistes while patrons enjoy every bit of the night. There were about 25 categories with varying number of nominees. For artistes who couldn’t pick any award, the night was quite a disappointing one for them. Winners of various categories couldn’t hide their joy to the extent of being carried away to not even deliver a speech.
The venue, GM Afeti Auditorium of the Ho Technical University saw all the glitz and glamour from Red Carpet to the main show.

Just like last year’s edition, a package was placed on a category (Discovery Of The Year) but this time, on Best Female Vocalist Of The Year. This announcement was made by the PR for PUB Records on the night of the Event on stage even as it was planned months to the night.
Queen Eyram beats other nominees to emerge winner of the category and PUB Records has a fine package for her.

Queen Eyram is to benefit from a year deal (starting from March 9, 2019 to March 9, 2020) that includes five (5) songs produced by PUB Records engineer or the awardees own engineer in PUB Records Ultra Modern Studio in Ho.

Management of Queen Eyram, Eventic GH and PUB Records met Sunday 10th March to officially sign all necessary documents for commencement of the project.
Volta Music Awards is expected to come back 2020 to award and honor individuals and groups pushing the Volta music agenda.

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