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Fiamor's Yaka Should Have Been Disqualified – Remy J Rants


The controversy before, during and after music award schemes are never ending. The baby scheme ,Volta Music Awards, that is holding the center for music in the Volta region has gotten a fair share of criticism ever since its inception. This criticism comes from artistes, industry players and die hard fans.
Just when a lot of people believe all is done and the next focus will be what Volta Music Awards 2020 will bring, 2019 Highlife Song winner Remy J is so pissed at the organizers for awarding Fiamor Best Song Writer Of The Year. Remy J was on Lifestyle Zone, an entertainment show on Kekeli Radio 102.9 Thursday 13, 2019 to register his displeasure.
Asked by the show host Rejoice Fiamor how he feels about this year’s awards compared to last year. Team Ega Music boss Remy J said
I am going to be honest, I feel like the heat last year was heavy, the euphoria was more than this year. I saw a step up this year too, I think there were some things lost there were some things gained so I think it was a great show
As to whether he expected to win Highlife song of the year he said
I worked hard, I dropped an album last year, I was the only artiste that dropped an album and if you work hard, it pays. I was nominated for Artiste Of The Year, Song Writer, Highlife Song and Hiphop. Last year, I won song writer of the year but this year I didn’t get it.
Asked if he ever thought of losing Song Writer category to any other artiste, very confident Remy J said
No never, in the beginning I started pushing the four(4) categories and then up to some point I started pushing two(2) that was Song Writer and Highlife song. So the ones that my families, friends and fans votes for and they sent me screenshots was song writer. So that means, Song Writer was supposed to be mine. Highlife Song was supposed to be mine as well“.

For Remy J, the crowd went gay with his name when nominee voice over for Song Writer was played until Fiamor was mentioned.
The song that won, was filed last year, like last two years, why should that song be nominated this year?” he quizzed.
According to Remy J, the year under review has exposed the wrong doing and Fiamor’s Yaka song should have been disqualified.

Remy J felt cheated and has made it quite explicit that, Fiamor won because his former management team PUB Records is part of the scheme as a partner.
In the near future Remy J believes his hustle will pay since he’s put so much work into his music career and have decided to pull some very young artistes along.
Blazebwoy, Tuf B and Keli Young are with Team Ega Music. Blaze Bwoy is a friend for a long time and I just decided we do business”.

Meanwhile Remy J’s debut Album Spirit Of Balance is available on almost all digital stores for purchase.
Listen to the interview below:


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