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Jussie Smollett To Face Federal Charges Due To "Threatening Letter"


All the glitters is not gold apparently, because Jussie Smollett might still be facing related charges at the Federal level concerning the threatening letter he sent to himself during the hoax. FBI and the US Postal Inspection Service are working hand in hand to iron out the details, even though the Empire actor was evidently cleared of preliminary charges.
The hate-letter Smollett is purported to have concocted, arrived a week before the attack played out on film. As reported, Smollett said the letter contained the words, “You will die black f-g,” many suspect it was written by the actor himself. The “MAGA” slogan was sprinkled along the contours of the letter, which also contained an unknown white substance, investigators later discovered to be crushed up Aspirin.

As you likely know by now, the Chicago Police Department ardently believes the Empire actor concocted the whole plan after growing frustrated with his public profile, and the salary he gained from the show’s production run, believed to be close to $1.8 million per season (prorated by the episode). Smollett could face an uphill battle in the coming months, as it was the FBI who helped the Chicago PD form the basis of their case against him.
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