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The MC Job: A service or favor?


Each and every weekend, it is either a wedding, naming ceremony, book launch, festival, corporate dinner, seminar, symposium etc.

These activities have people at the heart of their agenda. One would agree that the management of people is one of the hardest jobs one can come across especially event attendees.

There’s a notion that, being a Master of Ceremony is just about holding a microphone and reading out the next item on a program outline. That I must say is easy even though not everybody has the courage to face crowd.

That said the job of a Master of Ceremony (MC) goes beyond just reading items on piece of paper.
That said, imagine the chaos on our roads if there were no traffic lights or traffic warden to direct traffic at a busy interchange/crossroads. Havoc right? So is the job of an MC.

Aside the organisation of the event by the planners (of which I strongly believe the MC must be part even if not fully), the successful running or otherwise of the event depends on the Master of Ceremony.

He is expected to coordinate everything that will be happening at the event, making sure he creates a congenial atmosphere for the event attendees to enjoy and have a memorable experience.

It’s unfortunate and disheartening if the MC is given peanut for his services while the other service providers are well paid for, (venue, caterers, camera crew, transport etc.)

Come to think of it, the MC would have to look good and presentable and that comes with cost (on an average ¢250). Hence if you decide to pay an MC ¢300 for a whole days event and he/she spends between ¢200 and ¢250 for cloths alone what will be left for his transportation and other expenses whiles the other service providers get paid more how is that fair. Not to even talk about the risk of traveling to the events ground.

Talking is not an easy job and to even make sense of what you are saying whiles coordinating human beings is no easy task hence event owners must pay the right recognition to their MCs because the success or failure of the event is in the hands of the MC especially if there is no assigned coordinator of the event.

So the next time you are planning your event and you need an MC, kindly pay him/her well and ensure they deliver on their task.

Stop asking the MC to work for free or less what he/she is due.
That said, Masters of Ceremonies also need to read wide and learn new skills of their craft in order to increase their values.

Elvis Kofi Bomasah
Digital Influencer, PR Consultant, Corporate Mc, OnAir Personality, CEO @EBConsult_gh

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