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It’s time to behave like a mainstream artiste, Kelvin Boy told me – Kula

Fans, friends and well wishers of prolific rapper Kula went gay when words got out to them that Kula had won VGMA Unsung artiste of the year 2019.

The announcement was made on Friday 10th May, 2019. Kula came top among his other nominees (OV, Mr Drew, Efe Keyz, Lycon, Unyx, Mantse A.Y and Script T) to win this year’s category.

Sharing his sentiments on ENT105 last Saturday, Kula said it was a big excitement for him and that he believes this is the beginning of his music career.

This is the beginning of the journey,this Unsung winning is like you’ve moved your car from your garage to the front of your house. Ebi now kraa you dey come step the road top. This is the beginning of the journey All along we were just heating the engine in the garage…

To Kula winning the Unsung Category is a big task

looking at all the previous winners of the Unsung Category, they left a mark and even those who didn’t win. Kuami Eugene won and today he’s in Artiste Of the year, Kelvin Boy won last year and is in New artiste Of the year category…its like expectations are high now, ok Kula has won let’s see what he can do

Kula has received thousands of congratulatory messages from a cross section of people with notables ones from rapper D-black and finest vocal goddess Efya.

I was on phone with Kelvin Boy just this afternoon, winner from last year, and he was telling me that now that I have won this it means that I am not longer an underground artiste. I have to think like a main stream artiste, I have to behave like a main stream artiste, do songs like a main stream artiste basically live a main stream artiste kind of life cuz that’s where I am now“.

As at the time of interview Kula was at sound check at the Independence square (Black Star Square) preparing for VGMA Experience. He later put up a beautiful performance but the one to look out for is on the main event come 18th May, 2019.

For Kula, born Frederick Mattey this is a dream come true and he’s urged  all his fans, friends and well wishers to keep supporting and he will never let them down.

Listen to interview below:

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