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Japanese mad at Kim K for shapewear name

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to controversy but we bet she never saw this one coming.

The reality Tv star’s newest venture is the shapewear had described as ‘inclusive and celebrates and enhances the shape and curves of women’, but the Japanese are not having it.

The Japanese kimono, traditionally a loose long-sleeved robe typically tied with a sash, dates back to 15th Century Japan and is mostly worn during special occasions.

Kim Kardashian’s use of the name for her shapewear has been termed ‘disrespectful’.

We wear kimonos to celebrate health, growth of children, engagements, marriages, graduations, at funerals. It’s celebratory wear and passed on in families through the generations,” one Japanese woman, Yuka Ohishi, told the BBC.

This shapewear doesn’t even resemble a kimono – she just chose a word that has Kim in it – there’s no respect to what the garment actually means in our culture.” She continued.

Kardashian West, who trademarked the Kimono brand last year in the US, has also filed trademarks for “Kimono Body“, “Kimono Intimates” and “Kimono World“.

Many people have taken issue with the fact that she trademarked a word of huge cultural significance in Japanese culture. Others were annoyed that the traditional garment now shares the same name as an intimate wear brand.

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