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Merqury Quaye bemoans Pub DJs’ outfit

Founder of the Ghana DJ Awards and C.E.O of Merqury Republic, Merqury Quaye is not happy with the appearance of some DJs in Ghana especially Pub DJs.

According to him, some disc jockeys don’t look presentable when they appear behind the turntables.

Lamenting on this in an interview with DJ Tell on Radio Tamale before the Pub Festival in Tamale, Merqury Quaye said some DJs go as low as wearing slippers known commonly in Ghana as ‘chalewote’ to perform.

Promoting your brand is part of your work as a DJ…I have seen DJs, like tonight I won’t be surprised to see DJs wearing Chalewote’, he said.

Merqury Quaye believes that some DJs in Ghana cannot transcend the borders of their community and country due to this shortcoming.

If you are a DJ and you come to play and you are not dressed nice….this is why we are not able to cross over’, he added.

He encouraged them to dress appropriately whenever they are billed to perform anywhere.

The radio personality and MC advised DJs to consider their activities behind the turntable as similar to a corporate executive in an office.

Anytime you have to stand behind your one’s and two’s, you are going to your office. How do you dress when you go the office’, he quizzed.

Since 2012, Merqury Republic, has organized the biggest DJ Awards Festival referred to as the Ghana DJ Awards to celebrate and reward deserving talents.

Check out Merqury Quaye’s interview below:

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