Jazmyn Foundation Outdoored

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The Jazmyn Foundation, a non- profit organization founded in July 2019 by a talented Modelling Stalwart Ms. Jasmine Seyram  Akortsu in Accra, Ghana whose main objective is to use the  proceeds, opportunities, exposure and contacts available at her disposal as a Model and Fashion enthusiast to address some of the unmet needs in the society beleaguering women and children  as well as to improve the quality of life of the disparaged,  marginalized and oppressed women and children within the society.

Her mission is to lay an unwavering foundation which will integrate tyrannized women and children back into the society through effective projects and programs and to be a leading instrument of change of life for desolate women and children in the society.

The foundation is expected to have reached out to about one third of women and children living in the deprived areas in Ghana who are subjected to all forms abuse, ailment as well as those who are deprived of some basic needs of life by 2025.




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