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Hard Drive With 29,000 Facebook Employees Bank Details Stolen


Facebook had to do the unenviable job
of notifying their employees of
something truly disturbing on Friday
morning when they reported the theft of
their bank details by a car thief.

According to reports, the thief broke into
a car of one payroll worker and made
away with an unencrypted hard drive
filled with sensitive information of
29,000 people including names, bank
account numbers, salaries, social
security numbers and other data.

Facebook has come under immense
scrutiny over the past few years
following allegations of mishandling
user data, and while no Facebook user
information was stolen, this is just an
indicator of how little concern the company has for sensitive information.

A spokesperson for the company has
spoken out about the matter and this is
what they had to say:
M/e have seen no evidence of abuse and
believe this was a smash and grab crime
rather than an attempt to steal employee

The employee in question who had the
hard drives stolen was believed to have
been disciplined following the ordeal
because payroll information is never
allowed to leave the premises of the

Facebook is now working with
the police to recover the stolen items.

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