Get Familiar With The Sensational D2wingz

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D2wingz is a Ghanaian musical duo of non-identical twin brothers, composed of Peter and Paul but stage named as D2wingz..

D2wingz were born in Dzodze (Saint Anthony Hospital) In The Year 1997. They are half Togolese and half Ghanaian but currently residing in Denu-Hatsukorpe in the Volta region of Ghana.

D2wingz decided on their career in music at a young age where they started playing beats on desks and chairs while in School. They Produced Their Own Music In Different Genre In their own Studio which is currently in Hatsukorpe named D2wingz studios

They are currently embarking on a radio tour in the Volta region where they will visit different radios and officially introduce themselves properly to the populace and also thank fans for accepting them.





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