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Sarkodie on Akon Telling Black Americans to “Let Go” of Slavery


Sarkodie explained that a “Back to Africa” movement started to gain momentum once Ghana became independent.

The rapper also noted that people’s perceptions of Africa have changed over time and he’s seen more African Americans taking pride in the continent. Before highlighting last year’s “Year of Return” for Ghana, he also said many African Americans are have moved to the country, especially during these more recent times.

Sarkodie explained that people come to Ghana to start businesses or retire, and that the country wants to expand the “Year of Return.”

In this clip, Sarkodie starts of by reacting to Akon’s recent VladTV interview, where he said that he feels like Black people are sometimes held back by focusing on slavery.

Sarkodie explained that slavery isn’t a topic among average African people, but he adds that it’s different for people with a platform or notoriety, like himself. He also spoke about Akon being seen as African when he’s in Africa, not American.

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