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Iconic TV Giant, Larry King, Killed by COVID-19


The legendary late night host, Larry King has died at after contracting corona virus.

His conversational approach to interviews made him popular with his audience and guests. Over the course of his 65-year-long career, King has conducted 50,000 interviews with celebrities, Presidents, foreign leaders, average Joes and athletes. Born in Brooklyn at the height of the Great Depression; King’s incredible rags to riches story began when he was 22-years-old.

Without a college degree, he moved to Miami Beach as a broadcast hopeful and took work as a janitor at a local radio station where he caught his first break after a disc-jockey unexpectedly quit. His career went from strength to strength with a minor setback in 1972 when he was arrested on charges of grand larceny (inset).

He debuted Larry King Live on CNN in 1985, where it remained the network’s most watched and longest running program that ended in 2010. King conducted 50,000 interviews over the course of his 65-year-long career on TV and radio.

His easy going, conversational approach made him beloved by audiences and guests alike. His ability to- as Frank Sinatra said – ‘make the camera disappear’ earned him interviews with everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Lady Gaga, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton (bottom right) and Donald Trump (top right). But despite his successful career, the legendary ‘master of the mic’ suffered a string of martial failures. (Eight in total).

He was married to the same woman twice and recently divorced his last wife, Shaun Southwick in 2019.

Source: CNN

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