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After Edem, Who else? – Jerome Bigx Quizzes


Jerome Bigx, an entertainment enthusiast, MUSIGA Volta PRO, artiste Repertoire, Event Coordinator and radio host at Global 105.1 FM is in doubt who succeeds Edem just in case he retires from mainstream music.

He took to Facebook to search for answers.

Music from the Volta region of Ghana has seen an immense popularity over the years.  

With legends at the upper echelons of Ghanaian Music coming from the Volta Region .

The Volta region is a hub of Relentless music talents , I say relentless because the fact of the matter is that we have been marginalized, I know you lot will disagree with me but that’s an Honest truth . 

“Tordia Chicago “ broke into the Mainstream Ghanaian 

Music scene with “Davi Medekuku “ . 

I listened to him on several platforms talking about the stereotypical journey . 

After Chicago came Agbeko with “Wotome” ,he enjoyed a lot of buzz , Wotome was a National hit , but Agbeko couldn’t sustain the hype ,He went from Grace to grass in the blink of an eye , and has remained in the grass till now .

Edem dropped “You Dey craze “ in 08 ‘ Then I thought Music from my place of birth has had the chance to be in focus once more . 

Eduwodzi came through too …. but he was like a microwave , He had heat but cooled off fast .

Since then Edem has been the sole torch bearer of the music flame 🔥 for us at the fore front . 

Even though there are others from our parts at the Top , non of them relates with us more than Edem does , this is a fact ! 

For the past 6 years , A lot of acts have had the chance to receive the attention and buzz that their predecessors would wish they had .

From mainstream Media in the Volta region to even some of the big platforms outside the region .

But the big question I have always asked myself alone in my head is “After Edem ,Who else ? 

A lot of names keep popping up , but can they live to the billing ? 

Can they stay afloat for a decade and over like Edem ? 

What needs to be done ? What’s the way forward ? 

Is the support we keep calling for not enough anymore ? 

Let’s have a dialogue ….Share your thoughts 💭!

NB:Ignore any grammatical errors 📌”

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