All is set for Cerveau, host is Moses Blay

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Cerveau (pronounced “Ser-Vo”) is a French word for brain, intellect, reasoning.
In short “Cerveau” means nothing really different but the normal “What’s up” that we say.

This is a Show that indulges the youth (adzavi oo, aloba oo ɛve kpese kpese oo) on Socially Relevant, Relatable and thought-provoking subject matters. It is a show that gives varying perspectives on any subject or topic presented and so, there is no right or wrong answers, we don’t endorse any one person’s opinion as the correct or wrong opinion.

Meanwhile try to Catch Time With The Host @blaymb “Moses Blay” On Aflao Media
First Episode Drops Soon! Watch This Space Cos It’s Fun, Entertaining And Educative.
And the show will consist of three or more guests

Predominantly, its a youth show and very informal language like Adzagbe,Pidgin and all others are accepted.

On this show, we intend to foster tolerance and cordial relations amongst the youth.
We would love to hear from you our audience ; be it commenting on issues, liking, sharing, tagging, subscribing to our social media handles @aflaomedia

In our subsequent posts, we will introduce our host and guests. To be followed by our Maiden Episode on YouTube @aflaomedia
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Adza oo, ɛve oo, this is the #Cerveau show!
Alayi piii li !
Wontor efuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…..

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