Aflao Media’s “Cerveau” Is Official, Watch.

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Aflao Media , a new platform created to support talented youth in The Volta Region (Ewe dialect contents) launches its Maiden showbiz events in Aflao. Slated on the Friday June 4th, 2021 at Anites Hotel , Aflao Media will present these four different shows to a selected audience. These shows are “Cerveau” [Ser-Voo] , “Efo Gassor & Fuseini “(Comedy/Drama series) , “Santa & Agorkorli” (Sit-Com) and finally “Pun da Mic” (Street Artistes Session).


These are Ewe dialect Contents in our effort to promote diversity of entertainment; Creating business avenues for entrepreneurs to harness our talents into profits. Aflao Media’s partnership with CEO of Goldlabel Studios Godwin Korku Tengey (Vivor) made this happen. Working with a technical team headed by Ezekiel Bioko, Director of Photography & Editor Augustine Afotor (A.D.D Filmmaker), Moses MacBlay (OnGod), The Faya Krew (Ras Khalio) and Adler Fiti (Adelroyalty) as hosts of our Maiden shows.


Cerveau (pronounced “Ser-Vo”) is a French word for brain, intellect, reasoning.


This is a Show that indulges the youth (adzavi oo, aloba oo ɛve kpese kpese oo) on Socially Relevant, Relatable and thought-provoking subject matters. It is a show that gives varying perspectives on any subject or topic presented and so, there is no right or wrong answers, we don’t endorse any one person’s opinion as the correct or wrong opinion.


Predominantly, its a youth show and very informal language is accepted.


On this show, we intend to foster tolerance and cordial relations amongst the youth.



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We are open to support and to be supported and to partner on any Socially Relevant Showbiz Ideas.


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