Why I brandished machetes in ‘Second Sermon’ music video – Black Sherif explains

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The growing concerns over Black Sherif’s decision to display machetes in his latest music video have elicited a response from the musician as he contends that he does not seek to promote violence.

Black Sherif’s ‘Second Sermon’ music video, released on July 16, 2021, although loved by many, has received criticisms following the blatant flaunting of machetes as part of the props. Critics have said that the development has the tendency of instilling violence in the youth and have called on other musicians to not emulate the act.

The teenage rapper, however, in a social media post said he does not intend to promote violence.

“I don’t and will never support violence. The machete sceneries in my video are all symbolism of what is happening on the street which involves the youth,” he asserted.

“One key reason for the sermon releases is to draw attention to stakeholders from both government and non-governmental agencies, plus opinion leaders and guardians to rise and support the youth, which I represent. Spreading love to my people,” he added.


Black Sherif gained prominence after releasing ‘Money’ in May 2020. He subsequently released ‘Destiny’ in September and ‘Ankoman’ in March 2021. His popularity soared with the release of ‘1st Sermon’ on May 21, 2021. He gained massive endorsement from Sarkodie, Hammer, and a host of other celebrities.

The big question was ‘what next for Black Sherif?’. This question, he answered with artwork for his ‘Second Sermon’ which was to build anticipation for the track.

On ‘Second Sermon’, he again exhibited lyrical dexterity by telling a story of the challenges that have bedeviled him so much that he has to overlook morals, damn all the consequences, and embrace social deviance in his incessant quest to survive.

“I am just trying to describe the day-to-day lifestyle of my boys on the streets. It took me so much courage to voice this out, but this is our truth. I don’t speak for only myself; I pray God bless every young person on the street trying hard to make ends meet,” Black Sherif stated.

The song was produced by Ghanaian Stallion.

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