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Kanye West Has Mastered The Art Of Manipulating Media – Rick Ross Asserts


Rick Ross offers high praise for Kanye West’s ability to stir the pot and still deliver great music.

Rick Ross is currently on a press run for his book, The Perfect Day To Boss Up: A Hustler’s Guide To Building Your Empire. The rapper recently sat down with TODAY where he discussed the book, as well as a timely topic in the current state of hip-hop: Kanye West. The two have collaborated in the past but even Ross was caught off-guard by ‘Ye’s endorsement of Donald Trump. Over time, he came to understand Kanye West’s perspective which had little to do with politics and more to do with his pockets.

Ross recently sat down with the TODAY Show where he detailed Kanye’s affinity for creating controversy and still delivering quality music. Ross explained that Ye’s can bring both of those two things together which often only leads to more success.

“Kanye has mastered the art of manipulating media and making amazing music,” he said. “That combination, it’s no telling where it will go. And I feel like if someone really feels Kanye is insane, they’re crazy.”

Ross elaborates further about his relationship with Kanye West in his new book. In an excerpt from the book, Ross shared more details about a visit to Kanye West’s Atlanta complex amid his presidential run.

“All of this [shit] was for attention, and it didn’t really matter if it was positive or negative attention because his brand grew either way,” Ross said of Kanye in the book. “That’s why he liked Donald Trump. That’s why he loved the Kardashians. It all made sense now.”

Ross added that Kanye West said, “Tomorrow I might tweet that I don’t feel like being president anymore.”

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